We manufacture high-quality Passanger Walkways and corridors between the boarding pier and the terminal with professionalism. Safety aspects are always taken into careful consideration both in planning and manufacturing. Passenger walkways are dimensioned according to the number of passengers at the destination. They lay on pillars, so that they do not affect the activities of other port users and operators.

The Importance of Good Design

The design of the Passenger Walkway always affects to the original architecture of the terminal as little as possible. They rather merge into existing structures. The corridors serve passenger movements in an efficient way. It is possible, for example, to make an emergency exit from the side ramp to the boarding corridor.

The abundant use of glass allows passengers to view the scenery while using the boarding bridge and contributes to a more positive travel experience. Safety glass panels also allow the use of natural light, thus reducing energy consumption. Energy-efficient fluorescent tubes or LED lighting are always used. Easy and safe use of the walkway aisle is ensured by a comfortable incline angle, handrails and a high-quality rubber or plastic mat that increases the grip between the walking surface and the step.

Our long experience of operating in a project environment ensures that our products meet the standards and current requirements. We also take into account design requirements based on wind and snow loads and other environmental factors such as corrosion. Boarding gear is manufactured in accordance with the regulations for load-bearing structures EXC2.

Drivable walkways can be raised and lowered in the vertical position, further improving usability. The element is lifted by hydraulic cylinders and locked in the operating position by means of locking pins. Gangways and corridors are CE marked in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC. We also manufacture customized and high-quality boarding bridge