We carry out equipment and machine maintenance as well as servicing and repair work for port equipment. Our regular port equipment maintenance services ensure the safe operation of equipment and offers measurable and guaranteed savings to our customers in the form of equipment longevity.

Our service covers the car ramps, passenger boarding bridges and passenger walkways we supply for comprehensive maintenance, including structural, electrical and hydraulic maintenance.

Technical Expertise and Support

As equipment becomes more complex, the requirements and performance of service and maintenance will also change. Our service professionals, with years of experience in the industry and strong technical expertise, keep our customers’ equipment and machinery safe and in working order.

All port equipment maintenance service is performed using high quality spare parts and accessories according to the requirements of the industry standards. Monitoring and documenting of maintenance activities provides clear and accurate reports on the work undertaken. We are a service company authorized by Lloyds Register.

Pipeline Cleaning Run – Example of Maintenance Work

The purity of the oil in the hydraulic systems is very important. Oil sampling is performed regularly to check the purity of the oil samples, and it can monitor the condition of the hydraulic system. We have all the necessary measuring equipment at our disposal for monitoring the purity of oil samples in accordance with ISO or NAS standards. In connection with the oil change of the hydraulic system, we also perform a test effort and flush run of the piping up to a pipe size of Ø 30 mm.